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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday: A Nod to Autumn

Since we barely had a summer here in San Diego this year  I had hoped that we still might have some hot weather, but now that it really looks as if Fall is just around the corner, I'm somewhat getting into the mood for all the beauties that season has to offer.
Here are a few photos that just shout "Fall"!

(click on any photo to enlarge)
Don't you jut love all these wonderful colors?

I'm so fascinated with the white pumpkin that I had to include them too

Thanks for stopping by today and please take a look at Mary's Little Red House for lots more lovely photos in this wonderful Mosaic Monday party.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Summer's End

It seems as if all the bloggers out there in blog land are breathlessly waiting for the commencement of Fall and it's much cooler weather while I'm lamenting the end of what little summer we had here in SD.
These seashell photos are a reminder of the glories of the summer season and, seashells happen to be a favorite of mine.
Thank you for dropping in today...please take a look at Mary's Little Red House for all her wonderful Mosaic Monday participants.

I always appreciate hearing from you and look forward to reading your comments.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Show & Tell Friday: Great Grandmother's Clock

Do you ever just not know what to post???
Well, that's where I've been the last 2 weeks beside being very busy with my etsy shop and trying to get a website up and running...that is quite difficult when one is as tech challenged as I am!!!
Today I'm showing you Mr AVO's great grandmother's mantel clock that he remembers sitting in his grandmother's living room.
 The photo on the right hand side is Great Grandmother...the left hand photo are Great Grandmother's parents

I use a glittered clothes pin to hold the photos to an old door knob...I like to display lots of vintage photos that way and then I can change the photos around when I feel like it.
I purchased these glittered clothes pins at a lovely shop on Etsy  called 
The Cottage can view all her items by clicking on the shop's name.
Thanks for stopping in today for a visit...please pop on over to Cindy's My Romantic Home for more of her wonderful Show & Tell Friday.
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