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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Prettying Up" My Studio.....Part 1

A few weeks ago, some bloggers got together and posted looks into their lovely art studios.
After looking at these spaces, I decided to straighten up and "pretty up" my studio as it was very messy and unattractive. In observing the other spaces, I decided one of the reasons I disliked my space was because it was so utilitarian with most of my items in plastic containers or boxes.
So I went to TJ Maxx and purchased 3 apothecary jars for $5.50 - $7.50 and away I went. I filled each jar with some of my items and added one of my handmade tags to 2 of the jars and voila', I had a much nicer space in which to create. It's certainly not perfect, but I like it soooo much better.
I will show more photos of this "prettying up" process on a future post.
Thanks for looking and I LOVE your comments!
(Please forgive the different colors and fonts used here......I'm technically challenged and can't figure why the font changes and the color of the type changes as I write. Any help would be appreciated.)

Two of the tags I made to make my studio more attractive

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ancient Cemeteries and Genealogy

As I have posted previously, I am extremely interested in our family history and genealogy.
After joining an ancestry website and doing some investigating I've found many of my hubby's family when they first arrived in this country....well, it wasn't America yet, it was the "Colonies".
This man, David James (1660-1739) would be my hubby's paternal 6th great grandfather (that means 9 generations ago) and he came to the colonies seeking religious freedom as he was a Quaker.
He and his wife and new born child (hubby's 5th great grandfather) arrived from Wales in Oct 1682, on board the ship "Bristol Factor".
David James was given "city lots" in 1683 or 1684 but eventually settled in Radnor, PA.
David James name is on the map of the State House grounds on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia.
After finding some of these people I became interested in finding out where they were buried and from there is was a short jump to going to ancient burying grounds or searching them out on the internet.
The above photos are of the church grounds and the headstone where David James is buried....this cemetery is near the Valley Forge Campground where General Washington and his troops wintered during the Revolutionary War.
Some people feel that this is a bit macabre but I am always excited to come across a new cemetery find.
Love to hear from you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Flowers

The lovely carnations were from my hubby.....Mr. A Vintage Obsession.

Okay, so this is not your typical birthday cake.....I love gingerbread cake and made this for myself.
In our home, the request for birthdays is my made- from -scratch, 3 layer German chocolate cake....but I figured we didn't need the calories and I had a craving for gingerbread.
Thanks for looking in and I LOVE your comments!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow.....Look What I Won

I won this darling birdie bookmark from a giveaway at MissesKwittys
Karen also included a butterfly magnet and a tiny little butterfly.
Thanks, Karen!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Etsy Treasury

This is an interesting Treasury from BlueMoonBouquet
My vintage pocket watch is included here.
You may also check out her blog at SandOProductions
Thanks, Sarah!!!