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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: The Grey Abbey…..Part II

Today I’m joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday……please take a look to see what the other participants have in store for you.

I’m continuing my photos and post from Monday on the Grey Abbey… can see the first post here if you missed it.

Several of these photos were taken from the internet but most of them were taken by me on our visit to the Grey Abbey in Northern Ireland.








I usually try to photograph some of the signs as they help me remember all the dates and other info about the places we’re visiting.








Because I’m interested in history and family ancestry, these old grave yards really are very intriguing to me.






Some of the ancient grave markers in this old cemetery….these grave stones are not the oldest in this cemetery….if I remember right, some of them that were still readable were from the 1500’s.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday: The Grey Abbey

Welcome to Mosaic Monday hosted by our lovely Mary over at Little Red House.
Please take a look at all the other participants in this interesting meme.

On a trip to the British Isles a year or so ago, I took these photos of the Grey Abbey.
I'm fascinated with history and found this Abbey and it's history quite interesting.


The Abbey was founded in 1193  by Affreca, wife of John De Courcy, Anglo-Norman conqueror of the province of Ulster in is what is now Northern Ireland.

The Abbey was almost completely destroyed during the invasion of Edward the Bruce (1315-1318) and was completely dissolved in 1541.


The Commission of Public works started a crude repair in the late 1800's, using cement that is still very visible today.
The ruins are now set in a beautiful private parkland belonging to the 18th century mansion, Rosemont House.
 I will have more photos and history about the Grey Abbey in future posts.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

This Feels Like Spring to Me

I haven't posted for almost three weeks due to a problem with viewing and posting on my blog.  My blog page would redirect to another page that was all ads and junk every time I tried to get on and post or view my blog. 
I finally got technical help and after 2 1/2 hours of deleting cookies, history and cache, defragmenting, running a virus scan on all files and then running a registry cleanup, we finally found the culprit.  It appears that the "snow effect widget" that I had been running on my blog for about 3 months had somehow been corrupted and was causing this problem.
Well, at least after all this cleanup, my computer is running somewhat faster!
The lovely treasury is compliments of Jane over at Glorioushats.....please hop on over and have a look at her interesting shop.
My item featured is the purple botanical journal and bookmark on the top row.
If you would like a closer look at the treasury, please click on the photo to enlarge.
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