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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Flowers

The lovely carnations were from my hubby.....Mr. A Vintage Obsession.

Okay, so this is not your typical birthday cake.....I love gingerbread cake and made this for myself.
In our home, the request for birthdays is my made- from -scratch, 3 layer German chocolate cake....but I figured we didn't need the calories and I had a craving for gingerbread.
Thanks for looking in and I LOVE your comments!


Anonymous said...

lovely flowers! Yummy cake. I have a great recipe for gingerbread pancakes. Delicious!

BailiwickStudio said...

Happy Birthday! (even though I know it's belated!). The gingerbread cake sounds so good right now - it reminds me of autumn, and I am soooo ready for autumn!

Abi said...

Happy Birthday! how belated is it? I love ginger bread cake - but I've never made it - do you have a good receipe I could steal?!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Happy Birthday!! Such beautiful flowers in pretty pink..and GINGERBREAD! mmmm...I haven't had any of that for years! Sounds delish :o)

Smiles, Karen

Bill said...

Hi Lenore,
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Gingerbread cake sounds so nice ... I hadn't thought of gingerbread for a while ... my mother used to make it sometimes. As a child, like your family, I always wanted my birthday cakes to be German chocolate. For some reason, they don't appeal to me as much now. Although if one were sitting in front of me right now ... well, time for lunch!