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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Show & Tell Friday: Orchids and Vacation

Before leaving on our long vacation last month, I was concerned about my beautiful phalaenopsis orchids that I have on my kitchen counter.  
They would need to be watered several times during the time we were gone and I didn't feel comfortable with asking our neighbor girls to water them .....they were taking care of our yard and our tomato plants, but I wasn't sure they would handle my precious orchids properly.
 (click on any photo to enlarge)

 So we got these watering bulbs that I'm sure you've seen advertised over the last few years.
I wasn't sure that they would work well enough, but when we returned home my orchids were fine and many new blossoms had opened.

Glass watering bulbs

So my orchids have remained in good condition and I will have many weeks of enjoyment looking at previous years some of my spikes have lasted FIVE months.

Please join Cindy over at My Romantic Home for other posts on Show & Tell Friday.
Your visits and comments mean a lot to me....thank you for spending a bit of your time with me today.
Have an enjoyable weekend and a wonderful 4th of July!


Blog Diva said...

such a darling petals!!! they look too good to be true,or like a fake one if i may speak. you must be taking of it so well.good job!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Those orchids are just stunning. I have never owned any myself. I need some of those water bulbs for my plants around here.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

They are so pretty. I have never attempted to grow orchids.

Diann said...

Oh, those orchids are just beautiful! I have never tried to grow them in fear that they would die on me. I was curious to know how those watering bulbs worked. sounds like they work just fine!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Rose H (UK) said...

Your orchids are superb. Thank you for the watering tip - I shall be getting some for mine too!

the cape on the corner said...

what gorgeous flowers. hope they held up through your vacation. it has been so hot and dry here, that my plants outside are all withering up. i should try those out!

thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for welcoming me to the cloche club!